Press and Events

30 Dec 2021

Digital information is now entrenched in every aspect of our lives. Our society continues to generate massive amounts of information, while demanding immediate access. Novel approaches to high efficiency data centers with a focus on sustainability is the future. Lower power consumption technologies will emerge, and compute and storage providers will announce new Eco-Friendly technologies.

1 Dec 2021

ECO•FLASH•2 provides an even further enhanced on-premise data storage solution (3PB in a 4U) with the lowest carbon footprint consuming half the power, rejecting half the heat, and providing extreme density. World leaders continue to acknowledge the need for “meaningful and effective actions” to mitigate global temperature rises. The ECO•FRIENDLY data center is no longer a dream; it is now available, and it is about time.

2 Nov 2021

WarnerMedia demands a high level of video content availability. Storbyte provides seamless service and improves the end-user experience through the Storbyte Customer Engagement Center. Storbyte’s technical support encompasses same-day intervention and critical response via telephone, email, on-line engineering support, on-location engineering support, on-location pre-exchange hardware deployments, and advanced exchange hardware replacements

20 Jul 2021

StorONE’s S1 software promises to provide high performance from a ground-up rewrite of the storage stack, and supports any storage server hardware, any storage media, and any storage protocol. Storbyte provides the hardware and it is a 4:48 ECO*FLASH array. This comes in four-rack unit, dual-active:active controller, hot-swap component enclosure, fitted with up to 48 2.5-inch drive bays using dual-port, SAS-connected ECO*FLASH drives, not standard SSDs.

7 Apr 2021

Storbyte High-Performance Computing applications include climate modeling, computer-aided engineering, exploratory data analysis, financial modeling, genomic sequencing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, seismic processing, video editing, cybersecurity, and visual effects rendering.

1 Apr 2019

The newest ECO-FRIENDLY storage systems, which have been Nominated by NAB as Storage Array Products of the Year based on energy efficiency, will be displayed at the upcoming NAB Show, April 8-11 in Las Vegas.

18 Jan 2019

An independent panel of analysts, consultants, end-users and Storage Magazine and SearchStorage writers and editors awarded the Storbyte ECO*FLASH Enterprise Storage Array Products of the Year based on its innovation, performance, ease of integration, ease of use, manageability, functionality and value.

9 Jan 2019

Storbyte has developed a custom application-specific integrated circuit that provides modified data striping to extend solid-state performance while managing Garbage Collection which eliminates the Write Cliff performance condition.

15 Nov 2018

Storage and data centric experts from around the world attending the Supercomputing Conference in Dallas are endorsing the Storbyte Industrial Grade, Unlimited Write 32TB ECO•FLASH drive. The new 32TB ecofriendly thermal design consumes less than half the power and rejects half the heat of competing products, reducing total operating costs while directly contributing to longer drive life.

12 Sep 2018

Storage and data centric experts from around the world will be learning hands-on about Storbyte enterprise All-Flash and Hybrid-Flash storage arrays.  Schedule a demo and witness Storbyte product performance, power management, reliability, density, efficiency, flexibility, and affordability.

20 Aug 2018

Storbyte has expanded its own line of All-Flash Storage Arrays and continues to converge the first cost of Flash and Spinning Disk.  Storbyte displayed their new ECO•FLASH™ dual-ported enterprise grade 32TB flash drive that includes a 10-year warranty.  The ECO•FLASH SSD can fit into a 1U, 2U and 4U standard form factor with the 4U RAW capacity up to 1.57 PB.

14 Aug 2018

Delivering on the promise of product sustainability, ECO•FLASH™ includes a 100 percent unlimited write guarantee to equal and exceed the requirements of even the most demanding write-on-write enterprise storage environments. Include this with a no-cost 5th year controller and connectivity system upgrade to maximize the return on your initial ECO•FLASH capital investment.

24 Jul 2018

This list recognizes recently founded, up-and-coming technology suppliers who are shaping the future of the IT channel through unique technological innovations. The Emerging Vendors list serves as a valuable resource for solution providers looking to partner with up-and-coming tech suppliers who are shaping the futures of Big Data, Cloud Services and Solutions, Data Center Services and Solutions, Internet of Things, Networking, VoIP, Security, and Storage technology solutions.

10 Jul 2018

Storage hardware and flash drive developer Storbyte today introduced its SBJ comprehensive product line of hardware-defined storage solutions that offer the industry’s first and only cold storage, 100 percent zero power, true tape alternative, offering organizations a purpose-built solution that provides a true protection plan for their digital libraries.

4 Jun 2018

Storbyte, developer of a new design in flash storage hardware, today announced it has solved the solid-state storage ‘write cliff’ problem without the overprovisioning or complex workarounds required by flash array vendors.

31 May 2018

Storage hardware and flash drive developer Storbyte today announced Diamond Lauffin, its chief evangelist officer, will be featured at the Creative Storage Conference, an event for media and entertainment professionals covering innovative trends and performance requirements for content storage.

15 May 2018

Storage hardware and flash drive developer Storbyte today announced the appointment of James Hanson as its vice president of research and development.

30 Apr 2018

The ECO•FLASH SSD Drive Technology allows Storbyte to responsibly offer greater densities per rack unit, providing advanced drive performance by eliminating the wear-leveling and life expectancy conditions associated with conventional flash memory without the costly traditional SSD overprovisioning requirements.

12 Apr 2018

DCIG has identified Storbyte as a start-up with storage technologies poised to disrupt business as usual. What makes Storbyte so disruptive is it has created All-Flash & Hybrid Flash Enterprise Storage Arrays that meet the demand for extreme sustained write performance.

26 Mar 2018

Storbyte, developer of a dramatically different architecture for high-performance flash and disk storage, exhibits its new ECO•FLASH™ SSD All-Flash & Hybrid Flash Enterprise Storage Arrays at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas.