SBS 4:48


The bar has been raised. It is no longer  “SSD”  vs  “Spinning Disk”,

It is Non-Volatile vs Non-Volatile.  At the heart of the SBS 4:48 is the Storbyte Eco Flash™ / Flash Drive.

The Eco Flash™ drive and SBS 4:48 are powered by the Patented Storbyte Hydra™ architecture utilizing the advanced mathematics and Patented Algorithms of the Data Remapping and Command Optimization (DRACO) layer enabling a distributed resource utilization model providing an exponential return on available memory and processing resources. The combination of the Hydra/DRACO modeling provides enterprise class performance at a commodity based price point establishing the Storbyte Eco Flash™ systems as the defined price performance benchmark.


4U Fixed Flex Frame™

Fits all Standard Depth Closed Door Racks

12 to 48 Eco Flash drive configuration option

60 TB to 2.88 PB RAW capacity

300 TB to 14.4 PB
compound optimized data reduction

Over 3 MILLION plus IOPS

21 GIGABYTES per second

4 CPU’s – Certified Open Systems Support



  • Internal Cable Management
    • No external cable management arm
  • Fixed Flex Frame™ slide design
    • No external rack rails - fits standard size racks
  • Top Mount Chassis Design
    • Industry leading performance to total capacity rack ratio
  • Dual True Active/Active Controllers
    • True “all ports - all luns” pci lane assignable
  • Fibre - Ethernet - InfiniBand - SAS Expansion
    • File & block simultaneous support
  • 5 Year + 5 Year Flex Proof Unlimited
    • Standard Warranty

    Enterprise Class Capabilities

    The SBS 4:48 is a True Active/Active, All Ports, All Luns, Redundant, 100% On-Line, Hot Swap architecture. Based on the Open Compute / Open Systems concept the SBS 4:48 delivers on the promise of true future proofing with the option of utilizing any form of connectivity with the added ability of supporting, simultaneous Multi-Protocol connectivity.

    Integrated Data Services

    The SBS 4:48 Javelin software / file system takes the expectation of enterprise class software features to the next level providing options such as Intelligent and Assignable Multi-Tier De-Duplication and Compression. You now have the flexibility to assign data optimization to specific data sets or tiers of storage. In addition the Javelin Software Data Services provides an industry leading Zero Impact Direct Mount Snap Shot feature that is fully integrated into what is considered to be the best Synchronous / Asynchronous + Ture Metro Clustering replication in our industry.

    Certified Open Systems Support

    In addition to the Javelin data services software you have the option of installing directly on the SBS 4:48 any industry standard file system. You can now load your file system of choice into an industry verified, open systems architecture with the ability to custom configure and select file system specific options.

    Virtualized Appliance and VMware Ready. The SBS 4:48 architecture is designed to provide all of the capabilities to support the option of installing your virtualized appliance of choice. Hyper Converged (HCI) options like Nutanix and backup/data management applications like Rubrik can be directly loaded onto the SBS 4:48 delivering a price/performance combination unequaled in the industry.

    5 Year + 5 Year Flex Proof Unlimited Warranty

    With a 10 year, Unlimited Drive Write, Eco Flash warranty combined with the 5+5 zero cost system upgrade a responsible answer to the question of true future proofing is now truly available.

    Does hardware and design make a difference, yes it does.

    Whether you are looking for a fully integrated, self contained flash based storage system or the correct foundation to support your own design of choice the Storbyte SBS 4:48 will deliver for years to come everything you are looking for at a cost correct, price performance combination unequaled in our industry.

    Fixed Flex Frame™ Design Fits Standard 2U

    No External Rack Rails – Internal Cable Management

    No External Cable Management Arm

    19” Rack Mount Space/Capacity Optimized

    The Eco Flash™ Drive

    15 • 30 • 60 Terabyte Models

    10 Year – Unlimited Drive Write Warranty

    Active / Active – All Ports, All Luns

    Dual CPU’s per Controller

    Industry Standard / Open Systems Architecture

    User Definable

    Multi-Protocol Connectivity

    Fibre – Ethernet – InfiniBand

    File & Block Simultaneous Support

    Fixed Flex Frame™ Design

    No External Rack Rails – Internal Cable Management

    No External Cable Management Arm

    19” Rack Mount Space/Capacity Optimized