SBJ 4:96


The STORBYTE SBJ-496 JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks)

Provides convenient additional storage capacity to any existing server environment.
Get exactly what’s needed with flexible compatibility for storage density to
efficiently expand any storage architecture.
The Active / Archive permanent true Disk Library system equal to tape on a
shelf provides exceptional power-efficiency and enhanced Availability.


  • 4U with 96 Hot-Swappable 3.5″ Drive Storage Bays
  • Drive Storage Capacity Scalable as required
  • Active/Archive permanent true Disk Library system equal to tape on a shelf
  • 12v direct DC Power (no internal power supplies to create heat or block air flow)
  • Tool-less drawer and Drive tray design for convenient upgrade and service access
  • Zero Power Drive Initialization (maintains Host-to-Drive connectivity with ALL drives in a 100% power state to reduce power and extend Drive life)



  • Expander
    • LSI Bobcat Expanders for both drawer and 4U
      enclosure which supports SAS-3: 12.0 Gbps
  • Storage Potential
    • 96x 3.5” Drive Storage Bays
  • Power
    • Independent 1U 4000W 4-output Power Bank or
      in-rack power shelf (accepts 12V DC in)
  • Management
    • Drive Identifier
      Smart Fan
      Thermal Monitor
      Drive Monitor
      Voltage Monito