The world’s best storage hardware deserves the world’s best
software to run it. So we present Javelin, our enterprise-class,
fully featured file system for everything you need to provide
the highest levels of data integrity and reliability.

Javelin provides unified, simultaneous file and block level
storage support for NAS, iSCSI, and Fiber Channel in one single
chassis. Unlike file systems that can break down at scale,
Javelin supports nearly unlimited capacities and virtually
unlimited objects. Migrate data to and from Storbyte storage
transparently to other systems, expand capacity or cache while
live and on-line, and set redundancy levels.

Built into Javelin are industry-leading data services such as
intelligence-applied data reduction, thin provisioning,
clustering, active-active failover, multipathing, direct-mount
snapshots, and synchronous/asynchronous + true metro
cluster replication.


High Availability

Active-Active or Active-Passive
dual node HA Cluster for iSCSI /
NFS / SMB over Ethernet, Fiber
Channel and SAS

Data Protection

On- and Off-site Data Protection,
offering built-in backup of
everything and instant Disaster
Recovery, as well as multiple
backup destinations with user defined Interval-Retention plans

Reliability and redundancy

Atomic Transaction Writes, Data
and Metadata Checksumming,
Self-Healing, N-Mirrors, up to
Triple-Parity, optionally mirrored
boot medium

User Definable Optimization

User definable storage tier/data
set available Compression and
In-line Deduplication

Quick and simple storage management

Easy-to-use WebGUI with
intuitive navigation, Console UI
and scriptable CLI / API and


  • Connections and storage protocols
    • 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 40Gbps, 100Gpps Ethernet
      40Gbps IP over InfiniBand
      NFS v3
      SMB up to 3.0.2 / CIFS
      Fibre Channel
  • Hardware
    • HBA SAS / FC for standard clusters
      or SATA controller in case of Single Node
      or Cluster over Ethernet
  • Data integrity and availability
    • 256-bit block level checksums
      Mirror (eq. RAID 10), RAID-Z1, -Z2, (eq.
      RAID 5, 6), -Z3, On- and O-site Data
      Protection, Active-Active or Active-Passive
      dual node HA Cluster for iSCSI, FC and
      NFS, SMB (CIFS), Self-healing against
      silent data corruption, Disk Multipathing
  • Data optimization
    • RAM, SSD and HDD hybrid pool, Tiered
      Caching, Unlimited Snapshots
      Unlimited Clones (writable Snapshots)
      Thin Provisioning, Over Provisioning
      User Definable Inline Data Deduplication,
      Inline Compression
  • Management
    • WebGUI, Console UI, CLI, SNMP and REST
      API, E-mail notification, Roll-back to
      previous configuration
  • Examples of supported
    • HA configurations, Cluster in a Box (CiB),
      Common Storage Cluster over SAS Cluster
      over SAS with internal SAS expander,
      Cluster with multiple JBODs over SAS or
      FC (Stretched) Metro Cluster over
      Ethernet, And more...
  • Upgrades / Updates
    • Hot - On-Line - Zero Impact
      Roll Forward / Roll Back Upgrades and
      Updates. Single Controller / Dual
      Controller seamless support