SBJ 4:96


The 4:96 is the only system we know that supports 100{982e1f5b6a3da0f322ad5c36ee77c2c9427f89f06d9530a48e50b182f896ff08} zero power to an individual drive, individual drawer or data-set transparent to the host.

The SBJ 4:96 provides the first active on-line disk system equal to tape on a shelf.




Near Line expansion

Active / Archive permanent true disk library

96 Spinning Disk in 4.U

1,152 TB raw capacity

5,760 TB compound optimized data reduction



  • Internal Cable Management
    • no external cable management arm
  • Fixed Flex - Frame™ slide design
    • no external rack rails - fits 1100mm rack
  • Multi - Drawer Drive Management
    • 16 drives per drawer
      single person drive replacement – no server lift
  • Flex - Suspend™ Drive Carriers
    • true “desktop” sas /sata drive design support
  • SAS Expansion
    • 4 x 12Gb ports
  • 5 Year + 5 Year Flex Proof Unlimited
    • Standard Warranty
  • Zero Power - Drive Initialization
    • the SBJ 4:96 maintains host /drive connectivity even with the drives in a 100{982e1f5b6a3da0f322ad5c36ee77c2c9427f89f06d9530a48e50b182f896ff08} zero power state
  • True Audit
    • monitor, manage and report current flow of each drawer
  • 12v Direct DC Power
    • – no power supplies
      power supplies fail - create heat - block air flow
      true unrestricted air flow
  • Intelligent Power Allocation
    • 3x3 powerbank 12v power distribution unit
      true 3x3 enterprise redundancy
      zero state intelligent auto-regulating ethernet
      management port for remote access