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The Storbyte OEP, Opportunity Exclusivity Program is based on supporting an Evangelistic Opportunity Development model. At the heart of the Storbyte OEP is the understanding we want you to know you are protected from the very beginning of your sales process to the final sale. The Storbyte OEP is designed to eliminate any question of your ability to secure your registration on all new opportunities.A key component of the Storbyte OEP is the ability to identify the availability of your new opportunity registration with a minimal amount of information. We understand you may only have a company name and location. In many cases this will be all the information we need to confirm your opportunity is available for registration. While many of the fields below are not required the Storbyte OEP is a “Garbage In / Garbage Out” model.

If you have limited information available for your initial registration it is highly recommended as your opportunity progresses you continue to update the registrations information. In larger organizations there is the opportunity for users to utilize different departments and different locations in their decision process. It is not uncommon for a second or third location of a company or a different division to contact a different local sales partner to get their opinion of the technology being offered by you. In this example the other partners sales person may have no knowledge of your efforts and will submit a registration request based on the other location.
In some cases the other location may even operate under a different company name. To provide us the absolute best opportunity to protect your efforts and investment the more information you can provide the better protected your opportunity will be. Please contact the Storbyte OEP team to help with any questions and thank you for your continued support.

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Additional Project/Install Location(s) Information:

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